About Us

Many ladies dream of owning glitzy items of jewellery that their favourite celebrity wear….however the reality for most is that the price tag is just far too high!

Back in 2010 Carlie, a busy working Mum who was looking to earn some additional income whilst on maternity leave, noticed there was a huge niche in the market! Why couldn’t women everywhere have the latest designer inspired bling at a fraction of the cost? After all, if high street clothes stores can bring you inspired designer dresses, shoe’s or bag’s…why should jewellery be any different?

After some research Carlie was amazed to discover that party plan companies thrive during economic crises, she knew all too well the benefit of having a low cost girl’s night in combined with a fabulous piece of jewellery to show at the end of it!

The hunt then began to find jewellery that was as equally as special as the dream of Silver Republic…Our jewellery is all hand selected, and we have suppliers from all over the globe. It is predominantly high quality 925 sterling silver plate, however we also offer an eye catching stainless steel range, some stunning 18ct white gold plated pieces, and most recently items in solid sterling silver.



Silver Republic